Matagi are traditional hunters living in small villages and settlements in the highlands of northern Honshu, the main island of Japan. From its origins, back in the middle of the XVI century, they have made a living by selling meat, skins and other products derived from the hunting. Its main prey is the Japanese black bear, a subspecies classified as vulnerable and threatened according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


OAKstories - D.OAK nº1

D.OAK magazine

D.OAK is a publication that compiles the projects we have developed since the beginning of our activity as a documentary producer and agency, back in 2015. 


OAK stories


The problem of land tenure in Colombia is the country’s oldest conflict. The struggle for control of the land’s wealth, and the right to exploit its resources, is an ongoing dispute in which the weakest struggles for its survival.


OAK stories


In Benin, there is an active network of illegal trafficking of petrol from Nigeria since 1970. Benin does not have enough gas stations to supply the population and the existing ones cannot compete with the lower prices set by the illegal trafficking of petrol by smugglers.


OAK stories - NORDEN vol.1


The firts chapter of our long-term project NORDEN is focussed on loneliness, emotional isolation, and sentimental repression in Finnish society. These problems go further when the people start drinking to fight against them. The excessive consumption of alcohol is present in more than half cases of suicide, homicide and gender violence. 


 OAK cask

OAK cask is the place where you can check our ongoing projects: where we are, what we do and how we work. It is the place to follow our journey and see the projects grow. The cask is where our reportages mature until they reach their finest audiovisual quality and the utmost journalistic rigor. Only then do we consider having a true OAK story.


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