OAK is an agency and production company specialized in the development of documentary projects. Composed of journalists and storytellers, with more than five years of experience on the field,  our work originates from the need to communicate aspects of the human condition through means of local, small-scale stories.

We call STORIES our projects based on original ideas and developed as an independent agency in different parts of the world. Instead with LEGENDS, you provide the ideas, and OAK undertakes these projects as a producer, contributing with what we know best: tell stories.


OAK stands out in the analysis and understanding of the particular needs of each entity, from any sector, as well as in the implementation of suitable audiovisual language  to communicate your strengths.

Based on a specific need, an idea, or a brand value, we detect affinities between sponsors and projects, proposing actions that reinforce their shared values.


As the name already suggests, OAK aims to bind its work to the robustness of the tree and the nobility of its wood. As raw material, oak is used to manufacture casks wherein high quality products, that are produced with utter patience and care, mature until the very moment they ought to be presented to the audience. This is the philosophy OAK relies on when facing our projects.

We are a company dedicated to the development of in-depth documentary projects, pursuing excellence in both  quality and aesthetics. Our values revolve around the idea of journalistic rigor bound to an outstanding visual product. Our personal commitment consists in the creation of multiplatform projects that focus on new forms of storytelling as well as traditional media.

OAK team & collaborators

OAK’s structure is based on multidisciplinary teams. Each project has specific needs and the agency seeks to employ the right professionals for each subject, either from the existing team or by finding suitable collaborators.


Javier Corso

OAK Director & Photographer I Audiovisual Coordinator

Javier began working as a documentary photographer in 2011. As a freelance, his projects have been published, awarded and exhibited worldwide. In 2018 he became National Geographic Society Explorer and under his lead,  since 2019 the agency has been working as creative advisors and production company for NatGeo Partners (Spain).


Alex Rodal

OAK Chief Research Officer & Criminologist

As OAK Chief Research Officer, Rodal puts his skills as a criminologist at the service of the investigation process of each project. His work is essential in the phases of documentation and pre-production.

guillem trius_OAK

Guillem Trius

Photographer, Journalist & Filmmaker

As photographer and journalist, Guillem worked in countries such as Ethiopia, Senegal, Gambia, Greece and Niger, publishing articles and photographs on various international media. He graduated in journalism and obtained a Master's Degree in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the London College of Communication. 

guillem trius_OAK

Gina Forasté

Chief Producer

Having graduated in audiovisual communications, Gina has produced festivals, spots and music videos, amongst other creative projects. As the Chief Producer of OAK STORIES, she helps bridge the gap between the creation and the realization of projects.

guillem trius_OAK

Jaz Levis


As a Social Producer and Project Manager, Jaz has worked for production companies, international organizations and NGOs. She graduated in International Affairs and received her Master's Degree in Documentary Filmmaking, and wants to continue using her skills to generate documentary educational content to create awareness and help solve social and environmental problems.


Lautaro Bolaño

Filmmaker & Film Editor

Bolaño collaborates in the camera department and post-production film processes. Lautaro uses his training in the field of cinematic fiction to conduct documentary filmmaking.

raul_moreno OAK

Raúl Moreno


Raúl worked for several years as photojournalist in international media  but decided to transition into more in-depth projects focussing on social and environmental subjects. His works have been published in national and international media.

salva OAK_72

Salvador Fenoll

Photographer, Journalist & Filmmaker

Photojournalist and videographer based in Madrid. Salvador collaborated in national and international media such as El País Semanal, El Confidencial and Univisión. He has been also working in Palestine and the Philippines where he documented social conflicts and human rights violations. Currently he focuses on video and documentary films although never leaving photography aside.

marina rull

Marina Rull 


Marina is in charge of the production needs of the company. She got her Master Degree in Multimedia Production and Journalism at Sacred Heart University, and wants to use her skills to help better the world and generate social change through educational, artistic and inspirational productions.


Wayra Ficapal

Journalist & Photographer

Wayra is a journalist specialized in International Affairs who exercises her profession in a committed way. Using both words and images to tell stories from a singular point of view,  she explains global realities through individual stories. She also believes in honest and sensitive journalism.


Mingo Venero


Venero is an award winning photographer committed to human rights and social justice. His documentary work is focused on social inequalities and childhood rights, giving visibility and voice to the most disadvantaged people. Since 2006, Mingo has been developing projects with diffrent NGOs arround the world. He is also recognized as a great street photographer, professor and valued member of various collectives.


Elena Hermosa

OAK Advisor & Storyteller

Hermosa is a independent storyteller, professor and our main Public Relations Advisor with the media, other agencies, production companies, foundations and organizations.


Neus Marmol

Producer & Journalist

As a journalist Neus collaborated on the pre-production of the Essence du Benin and Tierra Verde projects. She was also in charge of all the projects’ journalistic pieces.


Miquel Martí Villalba

Designer & Web Master

Miquel is our OAK designer and webmaster. He transforms our philosophy and brand concepts into the cyberworld portraying our projects as a whole. 
Villalba is passionate for creative processes and projects that require multidisciplinary teams. 


Kouta Kurosu 

Fixer & Producer

Kouta is a trilingual freelancer born in Brazil and based in Japan. He has been working for production companies as a translator, interpreter, coordinator, driver and now as an OAK producer for the Matagi project. 

OAK stories


The problem of land tenure in Colombia is the country’s oldest conflict. The struggle for control of the land’s wealth, and the right to exploit its resources, is an ongoing dispute in which the weakest struggles for its survival.