OAK stories is a company composed by journalists and storytellers, specialized in the development of documentary projects carried out by multidisciplinary teams.At OAK we add qualified human team with the needed resources in order to execute each project with the utmost informative rigor and the highest audiovisual quality.

Our work originates from the need to communicate about aspects of the human condition through means of local, small-scale stories. OAK structure is based on multidisciplinary teamwork. Each project has specific needs. The agency seeks to employ the right professionals for each subject, either of the existing team or by finding suitable collaborators


As the name suggests, OAK company aims to bind its work to the robustness of the tree and the grandeur of its wood. As raw material, oak is used to manufacture casks wherein high quality products, that are produced with utter patience and care, mature until the very moment they ought to be presented to the audience.

On the moment of facing our projects, OAK relies on this philosophy. We are a company dedicated to the development of in-depth documentary projects, pursuing excellence in both informative quality and aesthetics. Our values revolve around the idea of journalistic rigor bound to an excellent visual product.

Our personal commitment consists in the creation of multiplatform projects that focus on new forms of storytelling as well as traditional media.