The OAK cask

OAK cask is the place where you can check our ongoing projects: where we are, what we do and how we work. It is the place to follow our journey and see the project grow. The cask is where our reportages mature until they reach their finest audiovisual quality and the utmost journalistic rigor.
Only then do we consider having a true OAK story. 

The moment when our projects are in the cask section,  is when we reach out to you for support. Every story has specific needs and you could be part of our journey as an OAK sponsor. Discover our projects and let us know how you want to be part of it:


"NORDEN" is a long-term documentary project developed by OAK stories that seeks to address in depth all the contrasts and contradictions that are generated around countries popularly considered as idyllic.


Leaders of many matagi communities have decided, for the first time in their history, to accept the inclusion of some women as members of the clan. We now want to document their lives, and analyze the present and the future perspective of the matagi.